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Chiang Mai Tai Chi Certified Courses

Tai Chi instructor training. Learn Tai Chi at Body and Mind Healing Chiang Mai Thailand. Tai Chi


Tai Chi Certified Course

Tai Chi Basic Instructor Level 1 & 2 - 6 Months Plus: 


Tai Chi Instructor Training

Wudang Tai Chi Short Form & Applications / Exercises:

Those who have completed Tai Chi Level 1 foundation course and have completed Tai Chi Level 2; Tai Chi short hand forms, Square and Round in both directions will qualify for the first Tai Chi teacher certifications.

Learning to Teach Tai Chi

We will help each inspiring Tai Chi instructor to develop their ability to teach. You would need to demonstrate to your Tai Chi instructor, your ability to teach Tai Chi to others and will be required to teach Tai Chi to students, less experienced then yourself. We will guide each of our Tai Chi students, to develop their highest potential to instruct Tai Chi correctly and efficiently.

Not necessary to do this Tai Chi course continuous, you can resume as and when you have time. 

Tai Chi Level Instructor Training Chiang Mai Thailand. Body and Mind Healing Tai Chi Teacher course

Tai Chi Certificated Higher Levels

Tai Chi Level 3

Long Tai Chi hand form & Applications and Spear + 12 Ying Nei Kung & Tendon Strengthening


Tai Chi Level 4

Long Tai Chi Form Mirror - Intermediate Instructor Level

Tai Chi Level 5 

Sabre + 12 Yang Nei Kung


Taoist Nei Kung; Body conditioning for Martial Arts

Tai Chi Level 6 

Sword Form

Tai Chi Level 7

Mirror Weapons - Senior Tai Chi Instructor


Tai Chi Level 8

Tai Chi Immortal

Tai Chi Training in Chiang Mai

Tai Chi Training at Body & Mind Healing

Tai Chi Chuan Course

Chiang Mai Tai Chi Morning sessions

Monday to Fridays: 10am to 11am

(Start Tai Chi course any weekday)

Cost 1,500bt Per Week + Certificate Registration Fee 900bt Each Level

Reserve your Tai Chi space

Please note;

All Tai Chi conditioning practices such as Nei Kung are taught privately for additional fee and our internal Tai Chi training is only taught to those students, who have shown a commitment to their Tai Chi training at Body and Mind Healing.