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Inner Taoist Sexual Alchemy

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Inner Sexual Alchemy

Body & Mind Healing Inner Alchemy

Our Inner Sexual Alchemy course, embraces a more authentic approach to internal sexual energy practices, and embracing our sexual power on a more down to earth level and without guilt or shame, the practices involved can be applied as a solo practice or as a partner practice. 

The purpose to learn

The main goals are, for us to understand how we can use our sexual power to improve our health, increase our vitality, enhance the flow of energy in the body, release our negative feelings and emotions, prolong our life span, and to enhance our sexual power with ourselves and enhance the power of connection with our partners, also it allows us to take our other practices to newer and higher levels, practices like Meditation, Martial Arts, Yoga, Chi Kung  (Qigong) or Tai Chi and practices that involve energy healing such as Reiki. 

Step By Step Progression

The course will guide you step by step in how to conserve your sexual vitality and we will also help you prepare and open the body energy system, to receive the accumulated sexual power, so you can circulate and cultivate the power within yourself, through a specific Taoist Meditation practice.

Down to Earth Approach to Tantra

Many who may have some interest in holistic sexual practices, may have a misguided understanding of the practices involved, the western concept of Tantric Sex has led us a stray to the true purpose of the practices involved.  

Inner Sexual alchemy, Taoist Alchemy practices at Body and Mind Healing Chiang Mai Thailand

Importance of Chi Kung / Qigong

Inner Alchemy Approach is Important

Modern day energy practices will only allow us to reach a certain level, so the higher levels may never be achieved fully, they may also not give enough foundation to practice correctly, allowing the student to focus on higher levels of practices, without preparing the student correctly in the lower levels, hence students may experience for example Kundalini Syndrome, where the body experiences a powerful overload of energy, which is a danger to the nervous system and other bodily functions. 

Preparing with Qigong Training

We do recommend to invest as much time with our Chi Kung / Qigong course, the reason for this is, that we would limit ourselves in our sexual practices if our energy system has not fully opened, to receive the accumulated sexual power within ourselves, Chi Kung / Qigong  allows us to open and prepare the 12 major vital organ meridians, remove emotional and energy blockages in the body, so we can access the latent potential within ourselves.

Opening the Microcosmic Orbit

In the inner alchemy course we teach you a method for opening the 2 major psychic yin and yang meridians known as small circulation meditation to enhance and take your sexual practices to the next level. 

Sexual Alchemy for Male & Females

The course is done in a small open group, male and females together, singles and couples are welcome, this gives an opportunity for each gender to understand, the other genders sexual aspects and practices. 

Inner Sexual Alchemy

Taoist Inner Alchemy Course

Sexual Alchemy Course 

Times & Dates in links below

Next Date

Starts 25th May 2020

Ends  29th May 2020

Alternative dates

October 2020 TBA

After these dates to be confirmed

Small group course info below

Course is held in mix group

Info Inner Alchemy for Men 

Inner Alchemy for Ladies

All practices can be done solo.


I have taken the inner Alchemy first course. I felt immediately results in my beings and in my body. Although I am a very experienced with many other retreat and courses I found the course very helpful. The teacher is professional and experienced. That kind of practice is good for the ones who are really looking for something genuine. Its not a faltering new age sexy thing! Its the basis of any spiritual and sexual growth. For health Body , mind and spirit.

Thank you