Tai Chi Classes Chiang Mai

Wudang Tai Chi

Wudang Tai Chi 武當太極拳 

(Wu Style Tai Chi) 

5 & 10 Day Plus Intro Courses

Mon to Fri 10am - 11am

***Start any Weekday*** 

5 Tai Chi Classes 1500bt 

or Drop In available 350bt

Tai Chi Booking HERE or at the school 

Tai Chi Evening Class 

5.30PM to 6.30PM
300bt drop In 

Carry on Tai Chi (Taiji) training 

3 Months Taiji Certified Level 1 HERE 

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chiang Mai

Learn the internal art of Wudang Tai Chi (Taiji) and Chi Kung (Qi Gong), helping you to harness your healing power and self confidence, through the art of movement and stillness. You will learn step by step the connecting, Tai Chi movements in the hand form and other hidden aspects, within your Wudang Tai Chi Chuan practice. Tai Chi Chuan known as supreme ultimate fist is primarily an internal martial art which takes many years of cultivation to be able to practice correctly. the more time we have the better our Tai Chi improves. The movements in the Tai Chi forms helps also to keep us healthy and centers the mind.

Tai Chi Chiang Mai Thailand

Health benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung when practice regularly promotes many health benefits.

* Improved Calmness of Mind
* Improved Concentration
* Improved Stress Reduction
* Improved Balance
* Improved Co-ordination
* Improved Respiration
* Improved Posture
* Improved Stamina
* Improved Overall Health
* Impoved Vitality
* Improved Circulation
* Improved Flexibility
* Improved Self Confidence
* Improved Self Awareness
* Improved Self Defense

Tai Chi History

Chang San Feng: 张三丰: Evidence suggest that, around 12th to 14AD lived a Taoist master, named Chang San Feng, and it is believed by many that he is the father of Tai Chi Chuan. It is said that "Chang San Feng was residing at the Wudang Mountain, when he saw a bird and a snake fighting and this inspired him to develop Tai Chi Chuan". Cheng Seng Feng incorporated his deep understanding of Taoism to develop Tai Chi Chuan, which holds many health benefits for those who practice. 

Chen Tin Hung 鄭天熊 Wudang Tai Chi Chuan is from southern China and was originally know as Wu style. Wu Style has it roots in all the styles of Tai Chi Chuan. Master Chen Tin-hung, was born in the village of San Xiang in Guangdong Province, China in 1930, his main teacher was Qi Minxuan from mainland China a highly skilled Tai Chi practitioner, called this form of Tai Chi, Wudang Tai Chi. Master, Chen Tin-hung studied with Qi Minxuan from 1946 in Hong Kong and became a full Tai Chi instructor in 1950, he was well know for his abilities as a Tai Chi practitioner and he taught his students full contact training,. Chen Tin Hung passed away on May 7th 2005.  

Body & Mind Healing offer courses of Tai Chi in Chiang Mai throughout the year.

Tai Chi Training Chiang Mai

Our Tai Chi training is taught in a structured way, to help the student to grasp the concepts of what they are learning and practicing.

Tai Chi training requires the student to have a patient attitude towards their Tai Chi practice, as we prefer our Tai Chi students to learn correctly whatever they are being taught. The longer you stay the more Tai Chi you will learn. 

5 & 10 Day Intro Tai Chi Courses

Mon to Fri 10am -11am
***Start any Weekday***

5 Tai Chi Classes 1500bt or
Drop In available 350bt
Tai Chi Booking HERE or at the school

Tai Chi Thursday Evening

5.30PM to 6.30PM

Tai Chi 300bt Drop In

Tai Chi Chiang Mai Thailand

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