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Rooms in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Rooms

There is plentiful accommodation in Chiang Mai Thailand, prices ranging form around 200bt to 2500bt + a night. For long stays there is a possibility for substantial discount if paying monthly from budget 5000bt + a month up. We will be compiling a list of places to stay near the school. As we are located in a more residential and quiet area of the inner (old) city, we will list those places close to us. There are also good, clean, reasonable priced monthly rooms available in our area, for long stays (monthly).  We will also give some options for daily rates guest houses and hotels: 

Budget Rooms

Budget Rooms   

Doi Doo Dao Home Hostel
Cheap Rooms plus Dorm Rooms 200bt +

Sri Kamsan Bed & Breakfast
Dorm Rooms for under 300bt a night plus Vip room 1200bt; 3 Minutes to the school: 

Bann Elephant Home
Air Con Rooms 400bt a Night and Fans with shared Bath 250bt a Night; 5 Minutes to the school

Samlanjed Guest House
3 Fan Rooms 300bt per Night; Shared bathroom; 1 Minute to school

Thailand Wow Guest House
3 Dormitory Rooms Cheap Price for solo travelers 5 Minutes to school 

Ban Jap Thip House

Near by our school, Prices yet to be confirmed

Green Tulip House

400bt Fan Room & 650bt to 700bt Air Con 5 Minutes to school:

Life In Town..Monthly service rooms from 6000bt+ Per Month or 590bt a Night: 5 Minutes to the school:

Mid to High Range Rooms

Mid Range 500bt+ 

Approx 3 to 15 Minutes Walk to School

Chana Place
Newly refurbished around about 400bt low season and 900bt high season 3 minutes to the school:

3 Lann House Hotel

Khunnai House
A new addition to the area 500bt low season and 800bt high season less then 5 minutes to the school.

BP CM City Hotel

Chaing Mai Bupatara Hotel


Rachamankha Flora House

Luna Guest House
500bt per Night

Intent Stable Guest House
Air Con Rooms and Wooden Bungalows Tel 0871917116 From 700bt for Rooms; 5 to 10 Minutes to the school

Smith Residence
Good Quality Air Con Rooms from 500bt+ Also good for long term; 15+ Minutes Walk from School

At Ease Bijou Place

Top Range

1000bt + Approx. 5 to 10 Minutes walk to school:

Rendezvous Classic House
New Hotel next door to our school 1000bt +

Pingviman Hotel
Luxury Hotel with swimming pool 3500bt + per night

G2 Boutique Hotel

Gord Chiang Mai

Baan Klang Wiang

Jangmuang Boutique House

Seven Suns Residence