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Juices & Herbal Products for Health

Healthy Drinks

Check out our Fresh Juices and Fruit Smoothies (NO SUGAR ADDED), prepared carefully to add the best flavour to your drinks.

Add 100% Organic Spirulina, Ginger or Honey..

A selection of herbal teas for health and other specialized hot drinks available. 

Other drinks available.

Hot Ginger, Lemon & Honey

Fresh Cooconut

Try our delicious; Coconut Juice feast, blended fresh coconut juice with pulp.


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Fresh Health Smoothies


Specially prepared fruit smoothies, with no sugar added. 

Fresh Fruit Juices


100% Fresh Fruit Juices blended together for detox and health. 

Herbal Teas


Herbal Teas & Healing Beverages for Health

100% Organic Spirulina

Spirulina Thailand

Organic Spirulina 

Powder and Tablets

Colon Cleanse Drink

Chiang Mai Colon Cleanse Detox Formula

Colon Cleanse Drink 

Natural Colon Clean 

Raw Noni Juice

Raw Noni Chiang Mai

Raw Noni Juice available

2 or 6 months preparation