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Organic Noni Juice in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Organic Raw Noni Juice Chiang Mai

Noni Juice 100% Pure for Health & Healing

Noni is a fruit which grows in Thailand and is reputed by locals and worldwide, of it's powerful healing potential..100% Pure Noni Juice is full of amazing nutrients, vitamins, active enzymes and minerals. There are many identifiable active healing ingredients, within Noni juice and is known to help with the prevention of cancer, improves diabetes 2, arthritis, fatigue, stress and aids in improving blood flow, just to name a few. 

High Immune System Boost
A,B, C,D, E, Vitamins
Folic and Linoliac Acids
Many Minerals and Nutrients required by the human body
Active Enzymes
Helps to clear Impurities of the body
Antioxidants Properties 

Available at the school:

Due to the lengthy procedure of preparation, we only have a limited supply at certain times of the year. 

Noni Juice Super Food:

We have 2 types of preparation;


Normal Mature 500ml @ 395bt
Normal Mature 700ml @ 545bt
(Preparation 2 months)

Extra Mature 500ml @ 550bt
Extra Mature 700ml @ 695bt
(Preparation up to 6 months)

PROMOTION 100bt off when you purchased 2 bottles

When we prepare over a period of time, we are able to access more of the nutriment content from the Noni Fruit..

In a class bottle for better health
Normal use 30ml per day