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Inner Sexual Alchemy for Men

8 Immortals . Chiang Mai Tanta and Taoist course at Body and Mind Healing Chiang Mai

Inner Sexual Alchemy Men's Info

Men's Inner Alchemy Training 

Taoist specialized training in the Art of Inner Alchemy (Neidan 內丹術) for Men Conservation & Cultivation of Sexual Vitality.

A series of practical and theory lessons in Neidan 內丹術 (Internal Alchemy), leading to proven techniques in the art of mastering and cultivation of your sexual energy and vital essence for health, vitality and spiritual development

* These practices aid in cleansing and clearing blocked energy and for enhancing your evolution.

* This course will help bring you on the path, your continued practice will lead to a more happy and powerfully fulfilling life.


"To anyone who is interested in Tantric & Taoist training for men, I can highly recommend this well planned and structured course, it has made life changing benefits to my control of sexual energy, and understanding of my body. Rod, who teaches this course is an expert..." Barney, Australia:

Inner Sexual Alchemy in Chiang Mai Thailand at Body & Mind Healing. Learn Taoist sexual cultivation

Taoist Inner Alchemy Training in Chiang Mai

Stage 1 Conservation - 2 Cultivation - 3 Transformation

The Taoist Course Male Benefits:

1: Improved Understanding of your sexuality

2: Improved personal power

3: Improved circulation of sexual vitality

4: Improved connection with your breath

5: Improved vital energy flow and health

6: Improved urogenital strength

7: Improved urogenital health

8: Improved sexual power & confidence

9: Improved sexual performance

10: Improved creativity 

11. Improved relationship with your partner

12. Improved spiritual development

Opening and Internal Energy Pathways

Taoist Inner Alchemy course content helps the student to learn that sexual energy has a different and higher potential and possibilities more then just physical expression and it will allow you to gain control of sexual sensation and your sexual responds and also helps to open a pathway to channel male sexual energy back into the body. 

Activating the Core Power

In the course we also work on developing root power and also developing and opening our core power for future development, you will learn step by step  a Taoist meditation on how to open the core power, known as the Tan Tien and access that power to activate your Microcosmic Orbit to help you to channel sexual energy more effectively and efficiently throughout the whole of the body. 

High Levels of Arousal and Orgasm

We will bring our awareness and focus for utilizing our orgasms, once we have learned to regulate them through solo or partner practice as taught in the first lessons of our alchemy training, we will look at ways of working towards high levels of arousal, working directly with our sexual potential and developing our deeper connections  with our sexual energy and orgasms to increase the power of our minds, to strengthen our health, physically and mentally and to deepen our relationship with ourselves, partners, sexuality and enhance any holistic practices that we do.  

Qigong Healing

5 Day Qigong / Chi Kung Healing (prerequisite included)

(Qigong / Chi Kung can be done the same week or any time before)

Add additional weeks of Qigong Training before or after to further develop your Taoist practices check  Qigong  dates.  


Hey, Rod. Thanks for the Alchemy class-great material.  

I appreciate what you do, and what you bring to the world. 

Keep up the good work. MH USA 

Body and Mind Healing Chiang Mai Thailand. Taoist and Tantra courses in Chiang Mai Thailand

Awakening you to your hidden potential

5 Day Taoist Group Course for Male & Females 

Next Inner Sexual Alchemy Course 

Dates are as follows: 

25th May & 29th May 2020 

Next Alternative Dates

October 2020 TBA 

After above dates to be added shortly:


Small Group Course Fee (8 Students)


12,500bt per person 

Reserve your space HERE or at the school 

Includes Digital PDF Inner Alchemy Course Manual 

5 Day Course Times Monday 

9AM to 10AM Qigong Inner Alchemy

2PM to 4PM     Inner Alchemy Training


9AM to 10AM Qigong Inner Alchemy

2PM to 4PM     Inner Alchemy Training 


9AM to 10AM   Qigong Inner Alchemy

2PM to 3.15PM Inner Alchemy Training 


9AM to 10AM Qigong Inner Alchemy

2PM to 4PM     Inner Alchemy Training


9AM to 10AM Qigong Inner Alchemy

11AM to 1PM Inner Alchemy Training 

Inner Alchemy Qigong Healing 

Qigong also known as Chi Kung for preparing yourself for developing your sexual potential and power via Qigong exercises, Qigong breathing methods and Qigong also helps to remove Qi stagnation within our bodies to improve our bio energy (Chi). 


Qigong Inner Alchemy Foundation 

Our Qigong training helps to develop and increase internal Qi to high levels, which is part of Taoist Inner alchemy training: Chi kung /Qigong is included in Inner alchemy training week or you can also start our Qigong course anytime prior to the start date, to help you develop your inner alchemy practices, Qigong is an important and essential element of the Inner Alchemy training. You can add further weeks in Qigong Chiang Mai, before or after to help you to increase the benefits of your Taoist inner alchemy Training training.

Mens Taoist and Tantra in Chiang Mai Thailand

Taoist Inner Sexual Alchemy Course

Taoist inner alchemy training at Body and Mind Healing Chiang Mai for opening your potential to harness and develop your internal power, in a grounded down to earth way. Improve your life with a deeper understanding on how to work with your sexual power efficiently.  The class setting is sensitive to all participants and there is no need for any physical contact with others in the course.


I have taken the inner Alchemy course. I felt immediately results in my being and in my body. Although I am a very experienced with many other retreat and courses I found the course very helpful. The teacher is professional and experienced. This kind of practice is good for those who are really looking for something genuine. Its not a faltering new age sexy thing! It's the basis of any spiritual and sexual growth. For health body , mind and spirit.

Thank you Gali