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Reiki Healing Level 2 Chiang Mai

Reiki 2 Training Course Chiang Mai Thailand



What is in the course; 

Introduction into Level 2:

* Increasing your Reiki potential:

* The 3 Reiki symbols:

* Clearing habits, stress or negative emotions:

* Clearing Space & Protection: 

* Distant Healing:

* Reiki 2 Empowerment: Enhancing Reiki development:

* Working with Others or Self Healing

* Level 2 Course Manual & Certificate

Reiki 2 Training Course Chiang Mai Thailand


Reiki Level 2, takes us a little deeper, in how we can apply and direct Reiki with the use of the 3 symbols, which are learned in this course. This level will help you to work to dissolve bad habits, negative emotions or feelings, in yourself and in others;

You will learn to use Reiki for others and also send healing, to people in need in another place via the distant healing technique. At this level the power of Reiki in you will be greatly enhanced as you open your self to the act of helping others and the development of your compassion.

Reiki 2 is a follow up from Reiki Level 1, prerequisite is having learned level one here at Body & Mind Healing School or with another Reiki school or Reiki teacher.

This course will be focused on working with others, with elements of self healing.

Reiki 2 Course Chiang Mai


Reiki 2 Training Course

Reiki Healing Chiang Mai Thailand

Reiki Level 2 One Day Course: 

Sundays 10AM - 4PM

Next Reiki 2 Date; 

22nd December 2019

Alternative dates

January 5th or 26th 2020

February 9th or 23rd 2020

March 15th 2020 

May 3rd or 24th 2020 

JUNE 2020 to be added shortly

After dates above please contact us

Learn Reiki in Chiang Mai

Course Fee 4000bt
Reserve your space HERE or at the school.


Reiki 2 Healing Course Chiang Mai

Reiki 2 Testimonial



''REIKI 2 is working Magical, the SYMBOLS showing up great POWER of LOVE and ACTION, inspiring my friends deeply with that wisdom and consciousness, in a way its like new born for me, you are a great teacher and Medium, your big heart leads you to FREEDOM and that you transmit to your students, family, friends and everything, thanks a lot great SOUL,

see u soon.......om shanti''

Peter; Germany

Reiki 2 Booking Deposit

Booking Info

Please arrive to your course at least 10 Minutes early. 

*Deposit confirms your space and is non refundable.

*Wear comfortable clothing.

*We stop for lunch 1 hour.
*Please bring note pad and pen
*Manual is Digital PDF copy only

You can combine your booking and add another booking before you complete checkout. 

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