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Inner Sexual Alchemy 2

Healing Orgasms and Beyond

Taoist Inner Alchemy in Chiang Mai Thailand

Sexual Alchemy Course 2 is for those you have completed our 1st course and follows up where we left off, in this course we will bring our awareness and focus for utilizing our orgasms, once we have learned to regulate them through solo or partner practice as taught in Sexual Alchemy 1, we will look at ways of working with high levels of arousal, working directly with our orgasms to increase the power of our minds, to strengthen our health, physically and mentally and to deepen our relationship with ourselves, partner and sexuality. You we learn special meditations, energy love making for partners, also merging sexual energy with loving energy via the microcosmic orbit meditation and grounding technique preparing you for Alchemy 3. 

Taoist Inner Alchemy

Microcosmic orbit meditation Chiang Mai Thailand

This course is a continuation of Inner sexual Alchemy 1, we will learn to work directly with high levels of arousal, during the orgasm phase. We also learn the next steps in working with Microcosmic Meditation as taught in Inner Alchemy 1 Course.

For those wishing to partake in this course, the prerequisite is Inner Alchemy 1 and at least a commitment of 7 weeks or more training in our Chi Kung Healing course for helping clearing any blocked and negative energy for working with the practices in this course. 


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Course Fee 4,500bt

+ PDF Course Manual Extra 450bt