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UME GOLD 60 Fruit & Vegetable Formula

 The secret Korean Raspberry BOKBUNJA 


The healing process

5 minutes = Increase oxygen flow

15 minutes = Healing crisis (skin redness & itching)

20 minutes = Improve cells & creates new cells

30 minutes = lowers cholesterol &

Prevent high blood pressure

1 day = Sleep deeply

7 days = Skins cleanses & improves liver function

15 days = Body fit & relieves diabetes

30 days - Improve overall vital organ health:


Detox; some of the benefts

Healthy Heart
Improve Diabetes

Anti Cancer

Increased Blood Flow

Anti Aging

Strengthen Bones

Prostrate Health

Skin Cleansing

Removes Poisons & Toxin

Ume Gold

100% All Natural Product

Bokbunja is well known as a fruit that contains antioxidants, it efficiently helps with anti aging, reduces problems of cell degeneration, helps promotes good liver function and health and reduces the risk of disease of the body. Compared to other berries, the Korean black raspberry has 2 times more Flavonoids than other berries and has a high ORAC rating (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) for a food containing antioxidants. 

There are more than 60 ingredients including fruits and vegetables that are extracted from natural sources. Examples of anticarcinogens: *carotene, selenium, glutathione (found in most fruit and vegetables) 

* uric acid and other enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase glutathione, peroxidase, glutathione transferees, diaphoresis and vitamin D in the body. 

# Nutrients includes; Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron.

# Helps to control heart rate

# Adds Oxygen to the blood for purification# Reduces bad Cholestral# Strengthens Muscles and Tendons# Purifies the Body Main Ingredients; Bokbunja (Korean black raspberry extract) & Goji Berries 

More benefits of Ume Gold;

• Alzheimer's disease * Cancer * Charcot–Marie * Tooth disease (CMT) * Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) * Cystic fibrosis * Heart disease Cytochrome C Oxidize deficiency * Niemann–Pick disease * Osteoarthritis * Osteoporosis * Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) * Tay–Sachs disease *Vascular dementia, Diabetes, Skin conditions, Body poisoning and more.

Powerful Detox

Cleans and detoxifies the blood

Reduces cholesterol

Improves vital organ function.

Degenerative Diseases that can be helped with detox;

Amazing therapeutic qualities of Korean black raspberry is becoming widely known to more people. The main benefits of the black raspberry include anti cancer properties, antioxidant traits and the super ability to make you look healthy and beautiful.

Available at Body & Mind Healing

1 Sachet 180bt - try at our juice bar to feel the affects

Juice bar open Monday to Saturday 10AM to 4PM 

1 box 1800bt - 10 Day Detox