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September 8th 2014
Hatha Yoga

Tai Chi Chuan
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Chi Kung & Tai Chi
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Reiki 2
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Tai Chi Introduction & Beyond
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Reiki 2 Course

3rd August 2014 Info
Art of Sexual Alchemy Courses
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Empowering You to Realize
The Power of Your Own Healing Potential
*Transforming stress into vitality*
*Sickness into health*
100% Organic Spirulina - Whole Food Supplement More Info
100% Pure Noni Juice - Body Detoxifier / Purifier; Normal or Extra Mature More Info
*Better emotional states*
*Peace & Happiness*
*Better relationship with yourself and others*
*Deeper understanding of your life*
In the Heart of Chiang Mai Thailand
For Peace, Health and Well Being
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Yoga Beginners Course
Monday 4th August Info
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Reiki Level One