Yoga Beginners Course Chiang Mai

Yoga for Beginners Chiang Mai
Yoga Beginners Course Chiang Mai
We would like to offer some more insights about Yoga and helping you consider, partaking in our Yoga beginner’s course in Chiang Mai.
What is Yoga 
Yoga is a spiritual science and a system of personal development of life, incorporating body, mind and spirit, originating from India many thousand years ago.
The Original Yogis had a profound understanding of human’s essential nature and they applied this understanding to their needs of life and to harmonize those needs with nature. They perceived the body as the vehicle and the mind as the driver and the soul with the true identity of who we really are. With this interconnection with body and mind they developed a unique way (Yoga) for integrating balance into life, including exercises for physical health with breathing and mediation for peace of mind. The name Yoga means Union, to reunite the self with pure consciousness of the cosmos and beyond, it helps us to not feel separate or isolated with the illusions of life.
Yoga Physiology
Yoga is open for all to practice; if you are considering a healthier and more fulfilled life, taking up yoga could be just what you are looking for, it can be practice by young and old alike. The practice of Yoga postures known as Yoga Asanas help exercise every part of the body, helping to stretch and tone the muscle and joints, including the spine and the skeletal structure. Yoga helps to keep the internal organs, endocrine and nervous system healthy and energized. Yoga practice correctly can help the practitioner release physical and mental tension which helps to access our resources of latent potent energy. As we age the body becomes less capable of many things that we did in our youth, the bodily function begin to deteriorate over time, never really questioning this process of getting old and how we can improve this artificial aging process, we end up old and frail. By maintaining the physical body open and clean we reduce the potential for the deteriation of the body to manifest. Modern medical research has discovered in Yoga the positive effects has on body and mind, for instance with several months practice of hatha yoga has shown, increased lung and respiratory function, the weight also regulates with sugar and cholesterol levels reduced. Studies have shown that practicing Yoga helps to improve blood pressure issues, arthritis, chronic fatigue, heart imbalances, plus numerous other health benefits. Practicing Yoga on a regular basis increases our potential to deal with stress; it has also been observed that the body’s natural rhythm return.
Yoga a way of Life.
Many are drawn to yoga due to the physical benefits using the yoga poses or postures, to keep their bodies fit and healthy, some may come to learn Yoga due to their physical injuries or health issues. Some may feel they need to have certain changes in their lives to improve their way of life. Usually after a period of practice not only does the Yoga beginner feels the benefits but the deeper aspects of Yoga begin to surface. We offer the student a short course over 5 days so the yoga beginners feels comfortable with each steps as they process what they have learnt from one day to the next. It is important to start slowly and not challenge your-self to extremes; otherwise the muscle memory develops incorrectly and can cause subtle imbalances from onset.
Yoga Breathing
Yoga breathing is known as pranayama, it helps to energize and to regulate the mind, brining calmness and leaving one feeling refreshed, combined with positive thinking and meditation, yoga gives the power of concentration, mental awareness and increase clarity. When we learn to breath correctly, we improve overall bodily functions and also improve the way we think and feel. There are numerous breathing techniques in Yoga, in our yoga beginners course we will offer you a couple of simple techniques to start your practice and to improve your breath and your yoga practice.
Yoga Beginners Course Chiang Mai Thailand
We teach a method in our Beginners Yoga course, that you can use for self practice once the course has completed, you can continue to improve further, if you have time in our Yoga drop in classes or have private sessions with your teacher if you prefer.
On the first day we work slowly and we start the process of inquiry, the way that yoga and our body connect,
The second day we briefly look how food and yoga interrelate and we move forward from your first class, incorporating the next steps in your practice.
The third day we work with the previous day lessons and work with preparing your body though a practice of yoga posture sequencing, to start and prepare you further.
The fourth day we continue with working what we learnt so far and start working on the breath, brining your practice together.
The fifth day we combine what we learnt the previous days and teach you how to close your yoga practice.
Check out a our shedule for Yoga Beginners Course in Chiang Mai, the course is generally held twice a month during October to February and with a reduce Yoga shedule during other times.
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