Tai Chi & Chi Kung Certified Courses

Chiang Mai Thailand

Chi Kung / Qigong Certificate 1

Tai Chi Chuan /Taiji Certificate 1

Chi Kung Healing Chiang Mai

Chi Kung / Qigong Healing Chiang Mai

Student Practitioner Level
7 Weeks+ Certified Course
Chi Kung (Qi Gong): Ba Duan Jin; for health, strength and vitality:
Chi Kung: Zhan Zhuang, standing meditation for peace,balance and for creating abundant energy
*Understanding Chi (Qi) *Clearing Blocked Energy
*Balancing Your Chi *Learn how to heal and Improve your vital organs functions
*Transforming your emotions *Deepening your Chi Kung practice:
Qi Gong Certified 7 Week Course
Must complete 5 Day at a time
*Starts Every Monday 9AM to 10AM
Course Fee 1500bt Per Week
Registration fee for PDF Certification = 750bt
Not suitable for Thai Education Visa
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Tai Chi School ThailandTaiji Weapons Chiang MaiWudang Tai Chi School Chiang Mai

 Tai Chi Level 1 

**Student Practitioner Level**
15 weeks+ Certified Course

Wudang Tai Chi Short Form:
Tai Chi Form Square and Round


Course Insights

Reeling silk: partner drill for sensitivity:

Seven star step: Partner coordination drill for feet and hands:

Pushing hands Drills: Partner drill for training sensitivity:

Self Defense Training: Learn what the movements mean.

9 Palace Step: Hand and Foot Drill

4 Directions: Hand and Foot Drill

Fu Yang: Creating Flexibility of the hip


Tai Chi Chuan Class Times

Monday to Fridays 10am to 11am

(Start Tai Chi Course any weekday)


Course Fee 1500bt Per Week
+ Certificate Registration Fee = 750bt

Not suitable for Thai education visa.

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Tai Chi & Chi Kung Certified Courses

Chiang Mai Thaialnd
PLEASE NOTE: We prefer students interested in certified training, to start these courses for helping and developing themselves, once you have decided after you have completed our Tai Chi 34 move square form and wish to continue for cetification, then you can request with your teacher that is your aim. Chi kung and Tai Chi training cycles can be stopped and restarted at a later date so you can accumulate the sufficient required experiance and hours or training. Tai Chi students may need more time developing their skill and the time scale for each level may vary between students and the length of time given in these pages are a guide line. We suggest that all students start with our 5 day or 10 day courses, to see if you like it and continue from there. You can start your reservation HERE.
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