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Chiang Mai Thailand


Tai Chi wudang Chiang Mai

Tai Chi Chiang Mai Thailand

Wudang (Wu) Style
5 & 10 Day Plus Intro Courses
Weekdays 10AM -11AM
Start any weekday
Cost for 5 Tai Chi Classes 1500bt or
Drop In available 350bt
Tai Chi Booking HERE or at the school
Carry on Tai Chi (Taiji) training 3 Months
Tai Chi (Taiji) Certified Level 1 HERE
Private Sessions Available
Chi Kung Recommended HERE
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Tai Chi Health Benefits

Tai Chi Chiang Mai: Learn the internal art of Wudang Tai Chi (Taiji) and Chi Kung (Qi Gong), helping you to harness your healing power and self confidence, through the art of movement and stillness. You will learn step by step the connecting, flowing movements in the hand form and other hidden aspects, within your Wudang Tai Chi Chuan practice.
Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung when practice regularly promotes many health benefits.
* Improved Calmness of Mind
* Improved Concentration
* Improved Stress Reduction
* Improved Balance
* Improved Co-ordination
* Improved Respiration
* Improved Posture
* Improved Stamina
* Improved Overall Health & Vitality
* Improved Circulation
* Improved Flexibility
* Improved Self Confidence
* Improved Self Awareness
* Improved Self Defense
* Improved Sense of Well Being.
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