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Thursday, October 11, 2018, 09:46

Qigong Thailand

Tips for practicing Chi Kung / Qigong

1. Don't rush... Everything happens when you are ready

2. Regulate sexual activity... No sexual loss prior to 24 hours to 72hrs before practice. If there is loss you would need to practice with less effort until recovery.

3. Menstruation.... Always practice slowly or rest when you are in your menstruation cycle.

4. Pregnant... Ladies should modify their practice during pregnancy, some Qigong exercises are not suitable..

5. Avoid too much creasy or sweet food, as they increase fire Qi and make the mind unstable. Eat more fruit and vegetables and avoid alcohol and smoking.

6. Avoid excessive alcohol intake; during your regular Qigong practice sessions.

7. You should not feel hungry or full, when hungry your mind will be disturbed and when full the digestion is disturbed. Have a light food at least 1 hour before your Qigong practice if needed.

8. Always empty your bladder, before you begin as this may disturb your concentration.

9. Room should not be too hot or too cold, one should feel comfortable without distraction. Avoid practicing with air conditioning, though using fans are ok used in moderation and as long as it is not too cold outside.

10. Avoid tight clothing, clothing should be light and there must be free movement of the abdomen as Qi may not regulate correctly, always practice with comfortable clothes.

11. Never be focused on strange experiences in your Qigong practice, allow yourself to continue with indifference, be practical, stay grounded.

12. Always practice Qigong when your mind is regulated and steady.

13. Learn to regulate your mind and emotions, best to start your practice with your mind and emotions under your control. At the beginning of your Chi Kung practice, position your hands just below your navel and practice abdominal breathing; bring yourself to a place of calmness and stillness before you begin. 

14. Do not be disturbed, by outside sounds or stimulus. Depending where you are practicing, be undisturbed by the noises that may happen around you, learn to be calm and never lose your temper.

15. Try not to get over excited when experiencing internal Qi movement, do not let your mind be distracted but be aware in calmness.

16. Avoid any drafts when sweating, as your pores of your skin open and you are more venerable to catching a cold.

17. Weather... We are affected in extreme changes in weather, as it disturbs the body’s natural readjustment, so be aware of those changes and adjust your Qigong practice accordingly.

18. Beware of weaknesses and internal injuries, if the vital are organs weak Heart, Lung, Kidneys, Liver and spleen, one should proceed carefully. If you have internal injuries they disturb internal Qi circulation, one has to regulate their practice to accommodate any internal imbalance.

19. When practicing Qigong the feet must be firmly placed on the floor, also when sitting on a chair, otherwise we can create chi stagnation in the upper legs.

20. Do not scratch or itch or move abruptly, when it related to Qi changes in your body, allow the body to readjust or adjust your posture with awareness and the feeling will disappear eventually.

21. Always swallow your saliva, at the end or during your Chi Kung practice.

22. Do not practice when sleepy, otherwise leading Qi can affect your qi circulation.

23. Never doubt and become lazy; otherwise you will give up and will not have any success

24. Progress is slow so you need patience, strong determination and confidence.

25. Always practice Qigong with experience teachers, as they help you develop your confidence, take care not to be influenced by your fellow students, you will understand when it is necessary in your own time.

For those that are interested in learning Qigong in Chiang Mai, Our course are Monday to Friday 9am to 10am, our Qigong classes run on a 5 day cycle and continue for 7 weeks. We respect the group dynamics therefore we do not offer drop ins, those who can show commitment are welcome.

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